The Day my Face Fell and the Buddha broke- but not in that order.

The Day my Face fell. It was March 2, 2022.  If you know me and have been watching, you might give this event an earlier date, but I first noticed that my face fell on the same day as the big hunks of ice on the side of the driveway slid down its ample incline, finally giving wayContinue reading “The Day my Face Fell and the Buddha broke- but not in that order.”

vegan weeks 10, 11, 12

airports, conference center dining halls, missing my kitchen I’ve been traveling. For the first time since before Covid, the “House of Bishops” gathered in person for our semi-annual meeting.  The “House” is made up of all the bishops in the church who are currently serving and those who are retired (“resigned”).  Twice a year, all those whoContinue reading “vegan weeks 10, 11, 12”

random thoughts to myself on a Thursday morning walk

or when the audio book ended and my mind was my own Upon passing a contractor’s sign, pushed over by the wind (?) at the edge of a lovely, empty field: “Whoever pushed over this sign cannot stop the inevitable creep of development. Sorry, chipmunks who play in the stone fence, mice who wind theirContinue reading “random thoughts to myself on a Thursday morning walk”