Morning Walk. On Turning 64.

I know, I look a little peculiar: Leggings, sweatshirt, baseball cap-             (That’s the acceptable part) Headlamp, fanny pack, walking stick             (that’s the peculiar part) I’m not in the woods, after all, I am finishing my morning walk in suburbia. But I started out before the sun was up and so: Headlamp to see. Fanny packContinue reading “Morning Walk. On Turning 64.”

a triptych in Rs.

I.  Redeemed Yesterday we returned to the Rocky Knob Trail to try, try again. Just 35 feet from where we turned left, last week-       the left that led us down the hill and into the        Mountain Laurel Wilderness…          a wilderness of self -doubt, dark forests and skinned knees… Just 35 feet further fromContinue reading “a triptych in Rs.”

Not the Rocky Knob Trail

Last month when I was doing a few days on the AT, I reflected that while one always hopes for an “incident free” and “safe” hike, the best stories come from mishaps and mistakes encountered along the way.  In fact, “trail names” are often derived from when something goes wrong.  Earlier this spring I met a thru-hikerContinue reading “Not the Rocky Knob Trail”

The Day my Face Fell and the Buddha broke- but not in that order.

The Day my Face fell. It was March 2, 2022.  If you know me and have been watching, you might give this event an earlier date, but I first noticed that my face fell on the same day as the big hunks of ice on the side of the driveway slid down its ample incline, finally giving wayContinue reading “The Day my Face Fell and the Buddha broke- but not in that order.”