vegan week one

garlicky black beans on arugula with salsa, guac and vegan sour cream

Honestly, this isn’t much different than how we usually eat… or, at least, how I approach cooking. We love ethnic food, I cook most of the week’s dishes on Monday (my day off) and, if we heed the directions on the sticky notes on the refrigerator Tupperware (Quinoa and chick pea stew for Tuesday dinner; tofu salad for sandwiches; vegetable Thai curry and coconut rice for Thursday nite, etc.) then we get to the end of the week well fed and happy. Lunch has always been a conglomeration of whatever dinner leftovers are kicking around and breakfast- well, I’m the only breakfast eater in the house. This week for breakfast I’ve been eating bowls of bran heated with oat milk, almond butter and coconut yogurt, alternated with green smoothies made from kale, plant based protein powder, oat milk and berries all blended into a drinkable green shake.

Of course, we haven’t tried eating out. (Omicron.)

We haven’t had any dinner invitations to negotiate. (Potentially awkward.)

I only had one hilarious experience on the airplane last week when the flight attendant offered me a choice of 2 lunch entrees (pimento cheese sandwich or turkey sandwich) and clutching my folded hands to my chest, I shouted (as if she couldn’t hear me or as if I were speaking to someone who didn’t speak my language,)”I’m keeping a vee-gan diet. Can you help me?” OMG. Honestly. She came back with some hummus and raw veggies. I also had purchased a stash of vegan goodies from Whole Foods before leaving and parceled out my cashew bites, mushroom jerky and rice crackers during the day’s flight. I was well fed.

So. Week one- pretty smooth sailing.

Next week I begin my couch to 5 K program. I will also look to up the ante on veggies and see if I can keep my protein up while reducing what is becoming a love affair with almond butter.

Until then, here’s to vegetables!

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