vegan week 7

more of the same- it is midwinter, after all.

Seven weeks in- that’s almost 50 different dinners- and, I can attest that while I see some patterns emerging, I haven’t repeated a (dinner) meal yet.

For all those who think that Veganism is a restrictive and limiting way to eat, I’d say that while the list of things that we’ve cut out (chicken, fish, beef pork, eggs, cheese, milk, etc) is huge… what remains is tremendous in variety. There are enough different fruits, veggies, grains, herbs and legumes to keep me busy for a loooooong time in the kitchen.

Emerging patterns: lots of food prep on Mondays (nothing new there), repeated breakfast favorites (I seem to like smoothies on days that I’m going to drive to work, and hot cereal on days when I’m home), sheet pan dinners and the wonder of sauces! Three new sauces that have come into my life on a regular basis are a cilantro-“yogurt”-garlic sauce, a creamy cashew-based sauce, and a spicy chipotle “mayo”-like sauce. One of these three on top of a sheet pan veggie dinner with a grain of choice (quinoa, farro, brown rice) is such an easy way to get dinner on the table. It’s super easy if all the veggies are already cut up and waiting in ziplocks in the veggie drawer! Here’s one that looks, as it turns out, like a study in earth tones:

Other dishes on the menu this week included a sweet potato- spicy glazed pecan-roasted red pepper-bowl, a ramen dish made with miso, shiitake, tofu, bok choy and scallion, black bean burgers with avocado (they were too squishy. Next time I think I’ll oven fry them for a crispier crust) and homemade pizza with plant-based “pepperoni,” veggies and vegan “cheese.”

Other adventures in the “more of the same” category this week included more time on the AT. The AT is our covid-companion. Glenn gets out more than I do, often logging 3 or 4 days a week on the section of trail near our house… I shoot for one day a week and keep closer to home (and on blacktop) for my pre-dawn ventures. Here are a few out-of-door shots from this week:

In spite of all this healthy eating and fresh air, I’m feeling a wee bit “winter weary.” Or maybe it’s “Covid-weary” or, who knows. .. I did notice while filling up the bird feeders this morning that the daffodils are 2 inches out of the ground already. Huzzah!

Until next time, be well!

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